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Care Instructions

Crystals, just like your plants or pets, require care to maximize how they work for you. Cleaning, charging and programming your crystal is easy and helps the crystal attune to your energy.

  • Cleaning

  • Cleaning Overview

    Crystals absorb and project energy from the people and situations around it. Some crystals, like Citrine, do not absorb any negative energy so they won’t need cleaning, but most crystals will and some more than others.

    Cleaning can also be thought of as “erasing” the memory of the crystal. It is an important thing to do with your crystals when you first get them (Sparkle Shelf crystals arrive cleansed, but almost all other crystals you will buy in stores or online will need to be cleansed.) It’s also important to do if its been handled by others or if you simply feel like it needs to be cleansed.

    Use your emotional senses to feel this - the more you practice it, the better you’ll get. Always trust your feelings when dealing with crystals.

    To clean your crystal, you have a variety of options. Here are few that Sparkle Shelf uses and has found to be effective and easy. There are 5 methods below - 3 are ‘passive’ and take a little longer, and 2 are ‘active’ and take less time. There are also plenty of other ways to cleanse your crystal. Search online for other methods, if you’re curious to know them.

  • Passive Cleansing

    These methods use the energy of the Earth and other natural elements to clean crystals, returning them to their natural state.

    1. Salt Water Bath - Fill up a bowl with water and a dash of sea salt. Place your crystals in the bowl for 24 hours then pull out, rinse and dry. This is ok for any crystal that is higher than a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Find your crystal on the learn page and see its hardness. Sparkle Shelf uses this method to clean most of the crystals that come to us before we send them to you, unless the Mohs is lower than a 7, in which case we’ll then use the following process.
    2. Organic Brown Rice or Sea Salt - Cover your crystal in organic brown rice or sea salt for 24 hours to draw out impurities, cleanse and reset your crystal. The drawback - you should toss the rice or salt afterwards so this can be expensive. It shouldn’t be used for another batch of crystals due to the rice being ‘contaminated’ with the negative energy.
    3. Nature - This may not work for those who live in downtown, urban areas but will work for anyone that has a yard or more. Simply wrap your crystal in a small towel or piece of cotton (cutting some off an old t-shirt works) and bury in the ground. It doesn’t have to be deep, just deep enough to cover it with dirt. Leave for 8+ hours or overnight and pull out, rinse off and voila. CLEAN. You can also place it in a running stream, bury it in sand, or let it sit with a really large houseplant or a tree. Be careful of placing a crystal that needs cleansing with a small plant. The plant may absorb the negative energy and become weakened itself.

    After cleansing, if you intend to give the crystal to someone, handle it nominally and with only positive energy. Wrap it up in a bag or cloth and put it away.

  • Active Cleansing

    These methods are faster and require your attention and intention.

    1. Grounding - This is one of the easiest ways to cleanse a crystal. Take your crystal and place it on a wood table or floor. Place your right hand pointer finger and middle finger on it on two places that feel natural, then place your thumb on the hard surface the crystal is on. This grounds your crystal and energy is coming through you to the crystal. Hold like this for about one and a half to two minutes and release. Your crystal has now been wiped! You can also do this outdoors, on your wood deck or the sidewalk (concrete conducts the Earth’s energy) or directly on the ground.
    2. Your Energy - Hold your crystal in your hands and take a few cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Picture a white light surrounding you and bathing you in a feeling of love and joy. Take that energy and feel it being sent through your heart to the crystal in your hands. Imagine the energy pushing through the crystal and sweeping out any residual energy. Hold this until the crystal reflects back to you the same feeling.
  • Charging

  • Charging Overview

    Crystals need to be charged, like a battery. Charging a crystal gives it more energy to draw from.

    The most abundant source of energy for your crystals is the sun. Keep in mind, sunlight can fade colorful crystals over time, so while charging in the sun won’t negatively impact most of your crystals, prolonged exposure to sunlight may alter the color of your crystals over time.

  • Sun

    To charge your crystals in the sun, simply place them in the sun on a white towel or light surface, though this isn’t necessary. The white helps the sunlight reflect even more into the crystals to amplify the process. Placing them outside in the sun during noon (11-1ish) will give them an incredible boost. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you pick it up. Crystals love the sun.

  • Moonlight

    For crystals you do not want to put in the sun, you can charge in the moonlight. It’s best to do this around a full moon. Again, place your crystals outside on a white surface under the moonlight and leave overnight. A word of note - moonlight does have a different energy than sunlight since it is the sun’s reflection, not the sun directly. It’s a softer energy with more subtle tones to it.

  • Your Energy

    You can also use your own energy to charge the crystal. The more time you spend with your crystal, the more charged up it will be and the ability for it to hold energy expands. The easiest thing to do is hold your crystal when you meditate and to visualize moving energy into the crystal, sending it your love and appreciation. This will keep the crystal charged and closely attuned to your energy.

  • Programming

  • Programming Overview

    The best servant a person can have is a crystal. Crystals are willing and ready to serve you, they only need to be told what to do. Each type of crystal has a different natural ability and it’s excellent to take advantage of the crystal’s strengths. For example, Rose Quartz helps with love, so using it for love will optimize what you receive. Check out the learn page to see what other natural abilities your crystal has, or search online for more properties.

    Crystals are connected to 100% of the rest of the universe. They are in constant communication and are aware of everything going on around us. They can return information, help you connect with others, expand your imagination and more. The possibilities of how to use a crystal are almost endless. Crystals are also neutral - they can be used for good or for evil. The highest purpose of a crystal is to serve and if you use it with serving others in mind, the results are even better. Using a crystal to draw things to others and for selfless, positive purposes is the best way to use them.

    After cleansing and charging your crystal, it’s ready for programming.

    The first thing we suggest you program your crystal with is love. Starting with love then means every other command or intention given to the crystal will be on the basis of love.

    To program your crystal with love, hold it in your hands. You can keep your eyes open and look at it or close your eyes. Now, bring up the feeling of love in your chest.

    One way to do that is to think of this Earth and all of the beauty and abundance it provides us to live. Think about a moment you had where you were awestruck with the awesomeness of Nature. It might have been a time on the beach, or being caught in a rain storm, or seeing the perfect sunset. Take this feeling of love and send it through your heart and into the crystal. Imagine the crystal being filled up with endless, boundless, everlasting love. Simply by sending your intention and feeling to the crystal programs it.

    Now you can program your crystal with an intention. Come up with an intention for the crystal. For example, “Show me how to live with love” or something you want to attract or protect yourself from. Once you come up with this, take that intention and send it again to the crystal through your thoughts and energy. You can also say it out loud to the crystal. When you’re done, write it on a small piece of paper and place the crystal on top of the intention to reinforce it. Each time you see the crystal or hold it, re-affirm the intention.

    When you want to change the program in your crystal simply cleanse, charge and then reprogram.

    As you may know, All Sparkle Shelf Crystals come pre-programmed with love. We want your first interaction with your new crystal to be a positive one.

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